Yo, I'm Adam!

A senior javascripter and lead frontend developer at 6Wunderkinder in Berlin. Currently working on Wunderlist 3, hacking on asimov.js and pushing lots of semicolons to GitHub.

During the past few years as a Wunderkind I've been part of releasing Wunderlist 2, Files and Comments, Wunderlist Pro, Wunderlist for Chrome, Add to Wunderlist and Wunderkit, as we've scaled the company from less than one to over six million users.

Before that I was talent for hire, building websites and apps for ABB, Ellos, La Redoute and Sydsvenskan, to name a few.

In the past decade I've trained and coached a handful of small teams to success in different fields, as well as built a business of my own, before joining an early stage startup a few years back.

A thinker, watcher and maker, native of the north, minimalist in training, autodidact, skateboarder.

Drop me a line.